Visual Scheduling Widget for HTML5 Gantt charts - release 7.1

Posted by Juergen Theis on Oct 11, 2023 3:45:00 PM

We released version 7.1 of our Visual Scheduling Widget Standard Edition (short: VSW SE) which enables developers to create powerful HTML5/JavaScript Gantt charts in a short time. The new release contains enhancements for the skilled resource view and for interaction usability.

Novelties in skilled resources view

Some missing features that are available in the other views have been added in this version.

For sorting the compareSkills callback, the widget options skillRowSortPropertyName and skillRowSortMode, and the skill object property SortCode can be used.

To reduce the number of skills displayed, the skills can be filtered by the visibilityFilterForSkills callback.

Last but not least, you can use the mainViewAreaVisibleInSkilledResourcesView and the topViewAreaVisibleInSkilledResourcesView option to specify whether the main view area, the top view area, or both are visible in this view type.

Further minor improvements in this area can be found in the chapter Changelog of the VSW SE IDD document.


Novelties in row dragging

Row dragging is now also available for allocation rows. For this, the drag modes can be set globally (see options defaultAllocationAllowedRowDragModes and defaultAllocationAllowedRowDragModesInActivitiesView), as well as individually for each allocation (see allocation properties AllowedRowDragModes and AllowedRowDragModesInActivitiesView).

In addition, the new row drag mode DragInSameTableParentOnly can be used to allow moving a row only between its sibling rows.


Facilitation of row collapsing and expanding

The new methods setCollapseStatesForRows and setCollapseStatesForEntityRows make it easier to collapse or expand all rows at once instead of looping explicitly over each row individually. When using these methods, it is possible to limit the effects to target types such as regular rows, allocation rows, or curve panes.



The callback onDrag now allows to return of a Promise object to determine the value of the property dropAllowed asynchronously.

The callback onDrop now provides information about the new start and end dates of entries when dragging activity bars or allocation bars.

The new method processOnDrop is meant to simplify the application development when the dragged object(s) should be updated without changes (e.g., if no additional scheduling is foreseen by the application).


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