Release 1.5 of Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Dynamics 365 BC

Posted by Ute Gillet on Apr 15, 2021 10:20:45 AM

Shortly before Easter, we released version 1.5 of our Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS), the only available finite capacity scheduler that fully integrates with the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This version has already been approved by Microsoft and can be downloaded from AppSource as of now.

See below the new features that will further facilitate your work with the VAPS.

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Release 1.10 of VPS and VJS for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Posted by Ute Gillet on Apr 13, 2021 9:52:05 AM

We finished the new releases of our extensions for visual scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central shortly before Easter and now are glad that already versions 1.10 of both  the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) and the Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) were approved by Microsoft and can be downloaded from AppSource as of now.

So, sit back and see what we have on offer.

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Visual Scheduling Widget for HTML5/Gantt charts with more functions

Posted by Juergen Theis on Mar 3, 2021 2:29:15 PM

The current COVID-19 pandemic does not cause us to slow down or even stop the development of our standard edition of the Visual Scheduling Widget (VSW SE for short) for HTML5/Javascript Gantt charts. Quite the contrary! It has never been so important for us and our customers to use the time for further developments and improvements. Let's take a look at the latest achievements.

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Why Business Central's manufacturing module is missing a puzzle piece

Posted by Paulina Soto on Mar 1, 2021 1:45:00 PM

Scheduling can be daunting. On many occasions it is not a straightforward thing. Once you get a schedule a tiny thing comes up and you have to change things again. When scheduling you have to keep a lot of factors in mind, such as the availability of your machines, the skills of your resources, the priority of the production order, the existence of the material requirements, the shop floor working hours, the machine preparation, among many other things.

Here is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes to save you. But then two pieces are missing, which is why we came into the formula as well.

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Our latest step to personalizing your Visual Scheduler

Posted by Paulina Soto on Feb 15, 2021 2:45:00 PM




Which type of information is important to you when scheduling? The item numbers? Is it the customer? Is it the quantity to produce? Or the process the order will go through? Is it the color of the item?

Some weeks ago, we realized that everyone searches for different information when looking at the schedule, this depending on the task they will perform afterwards. Hence, we decided to give our customers the possibility to choose what to see at first glance.

All this information I listed in the first question can be found within the production order, but we wanted to make it easier to find. This means you can customize the tooltips and the labels. And most importantly you can order it and decide what to leave out as you please.

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Integrate MRP with finite capacity scheduling in D365 Business Central

Posted by Ute Gillet on Feb 11, 2021 1:44:03 PM

With the planning worksheet and MRP (material requirements planning), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a both efficient and powerful tool for achieving the equilibrium of item demand and item supply. As such, the planning worksheet obviously (automatically) creates production orders to meet a certain demand. However, this creation of the production orders is purely demand-driven and does not take into account the current schedule especially with respect to work/machine center load. 

Finite capacity scheduling (e.g. of those production orders that were created via the planning worksheet) is achieved by using the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS). However, combining MRP and finite capacity scheduling can be tricky. The big question here is: Which tool should take control over which production orders? Hence, this blog outlines how to best utilize MRP together with the VAPS (instead of both tools working against each other).


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Links as the visualization of dependencies in an HTML5 Gantt - VSW tip

Posted by Juergen Theis on Feb 3, 2021 2:00:00 PM

Activities in the Visual Scheduling Widget are used to represent things like jobs, tasks, operations, etc. of the real world to a Gantt chart. All of these activities can have dependencies between each other, in the way that one activity cannot start until another activity is finished. In the following you will learn how to visualize these relations between activities in the Visual Scheduling Widget.

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Visual Scheduling Consulting Services now on AppSource

Posted by Lawin Ileto on Jan 26, 2021 11:45:00 AM

The increasing importance of Microsoft AppSource, as the marketplace for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers to try or purchase products made by ISV’s, has changed the landscape of the industry. Like many of you out there, who have your solutions listed on AppSource, we went through quite a journey of having our products listed there. Our whole portfolio of Business Central products has been available on AppSource since mid-2019. As of now we have three products on AppSource, namely; the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS), Visual Job Scheduler (VJS) and Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS).

We are proud to not just have our solutions on AppSource, but also the fact that we have already listed one consulting service, which will be a poster child for more consulting services to come. We believe by offering several consulting services on AppSource, we can greatly complement our applications. By doing so, we also make it easier for (prospective) customers to get in touch with us and learn about our products.

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