New subscription fees for Visual Scheduling Extensions VPS and VJS

Posted by Ute Gillet on Feb 13, 2024 5:21:02 PM

We will be changing the subscription pricing for our Visual Scheduling Extensions VPS and VJS. There will be a transitional period until March 31, 2024, the old pricing will still be valid. Then from April 1, 2024 onwards, we will be only accpeting orders with the new pricing. 

Cornerstones of the new prices

  1. Prices are linked to the number of planner users.

  2. Prices depend on the number of operations scheduled with the VPS or job planning lines scheduled with the VJS. However, this still needs to be supported by Microsoft's Transact capabilities. Hence, it has yet to be put into practice eventually (* we will not control this for the time being).

  3. We offer discounts for annual subscriptions. Please note that the annual subscriptions need to be paid in advance for the year. If the subscription is canceled before the end of the year, no refund will be made.

  4. We offer a free trial of one month. After that one month, customers need to pay for the product (or cannot use it anymore). We highly recommend new customers order the Quick Start Package together with their first purchase of our extensions. The Quick Start Package includes training and hand-holding, which is crucial as the first step to successful visual planning. It can therefore also be used for testing purposes. For prices please get in touch with your partners or if you are a partner see the price list in our Partner channel on Microsoft Teams.

The subscription fees for the VPS  - planner licenses

New VPS customers can choose from the following options:

VPS - new subscription fees February 2024


The subscription fees for the VJS  - planner licenses

New VJS customers can choose from the following options:

VJS - new subscription fees February 2024

Please note that the USD price lists are available in our partner portal; further currencies are supported from AppSource.

For VAPS fees see the price lists in our partner portal on Microsoft Teams or read the blog Changing the subscription pricing for the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS).


The Viewer license for VPS and VAPS

This is a new mode of the VPS, which was released with its newest version 1.21 and aims at all customers who don't need several planner licenses with full functionality but want some of their employees, especially on the shopfloor or sales to see the plan, but not to be able to change it.

Please note that at least one full planner license is needed to purchase a Viewer license.

New viewer for VPS and VAPS




When is this effective?

The new pricing of our Visual Scheduling extensions VPS and VJS will be valid starting April 1, 2024. This takes into account a transitional period until March 31, 2024, where the old pricing will apply. 

To whom does this apply?

It only applies to new VPS/VJS cloud customers starting their subscription on April 1, 2024 and onwards. 

I have deals in the pipeline with the old prices. Is there a transition period?

Yes. If you are a partner and have offered the VPS or VJS to your customers with the old subscription model, you can offer our old pricing model until March 31, 2024. Starting 1 April 2024, all new deals will be according to the new pricing.

What happens when I buy four planner licenses initially and then need a fifth license?

If you purchase four planner licenses at once, you will be enrolled in the PRO bundle and will pay 4 x EUR 59 per month. However, if you choose to buy an additional planner license, the price for that extra planner will be the same as the SINGLE bundle. Consequently, your new monthly rate will be EUR 236 EUR plus EUR 99, which will total up to EUR 335.

I am already using the VPS/VJS in the cloud. What do I need to know?

Commercially, nothing changes for you. To give you a seamless user experience, we must add a special "VPS/VJS license" to each person in your organization who works with the extensions. This is a technical process, not a commercial one. We will collaborate with you and your partner to achieve this once VPS and VJS are available via Microsoft Transact.

I am using the VPS/VJS on-premises. What do I need to know?

For you, nothing changes.

I am using the VPS/VJS on-premises and will move to Dynamics 365 Business Central subscription shortly. What do I need to know?

If you use the VPS/VJS on-premises, you (most likely) have purchased a (perpetual) license. This license grants you the right to use the software as long as you need - in the version that you purchased it. If you have an ongoing maintenance agreement (and pay the annual maintenance fees), you also have the right to update to a new version.

Financially, nothing should change for you. However, you can decide to cancel the maintenance agreement and start paying monthly subscription fees to keep the right to update. This is fully up to you.

Technically, we need to add a special "VPS/VJS  license" to each person in your organization who works with the according extension. This is a technical process, not a commercial process. We will work with you and your partner to achieve this.

What if I want to test VPS/VJS for longer than 30 days?

By default, the trial period is 30 days if you are on the Business Central cloud. If you require a longer period for testing, we recommend you purchase one SINGLE subscription so that one planner user can work with the extension. Each subscription can be canceled monthly.

How do we count maximum operations or job planning lines?

With Operations we refer to production order routing lines.  We count the number of production order routing lines that we load onto the VPS

We count the  job planning lines that are loaded onto the VJS

Both operations and job planning lines are not hard checked now, but will be in the future. 

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