Nineteen VAPS certified partners and counting

Posted by Lawin Ileto on Sep 17, 2020 9:54:03 AM

The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler, which you already might know as VAPS was a product we started working on around middle of 2019 in collaboration with our friends from TecMan from the UK.

The VAPS is the first finite capacity visual scheduler fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As such, the VAPS is the big brother of the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS), which you probably already know about. Although both products work with Business Central’s manufacturing module, they are still quite different.


19 partners

The VAPS has been making headway

We started a beta testing period since end of 2019 up until the launch of the VAPS around January this year, with a handful of partners, who helped us immensely in finalizing the VAPS and fine tuning its functionalities. Eight months after our official launch, despite the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19, the VAPS has been making headway.



Grupo Active 


Alphametrics (AMCO Business Solutions)


Groupe Conseil ERA 


Azzure IT Ltd 

United Kingdom 

Digia Oyj 


eCraft Oy Ab 


ENKO Software 


ESC bvba 







Czech Republic 

NORRIQ Belgium 


NORRIQ Danmark


Oseberg Solutions


Softera Baltic 



  • These partners have a competitive edge in their respective markets, as they are certified to sell the only available finite capacity scheduler that fully integrates into Business Central.
  • More than 10 customers are already using our product and a lot more in the pipeline.
  • The VAPS is not just available on Business Central on-prem, but it is also available via AppSource for the cloud version.


VAPS Certification requirements

For those of you who have not yet inquired regarding the VAPS certification process, you can find the details here. In summary, the partner would have to fulfill the following steps:

  • Become our Reseller – this allows the partner to sell our other products such as the VJS and VPS
  • Pay the certification fee of € 1,950/$ 2,500
  • Complete our online VAPS courses on our Visual Scheduling Academy and take an exam in the end


VAPS Support services offered by NETRONIC

Our team would also be providing you with the following value added services to assist you in the VAPS learning process and getting your first deal through the door (these remote sessions can be provided in German as well):

  • Remote kickoff meeting – Introduction to the VAPS and a summary of the succeeding steps
  • One year access to VAPS courses on the Visual Scheduling Academy
  • Two hours technical & functional support after completion of training courses (requires the exam)
  • Our sales team will be participating in 2 pre sales meetings (requires the exam)
  • Demo version of the VAPS for your BC environment
  • “VAPS certified partner” certificate


Expect continuous improvement

With 19 VAPS certified partner and counting, expect that we continually enhance our product to serve our customer better. In July, we released the VAPS version 1.2, with some new exciting functionally around automatic scheduling. And right now, we are finalizing version 1.3 to ship end of September: sign-up for our next webinar in which we’ll share what is new with the VAPS.


Learn about the VAPS and get started

If you’re interested in getting VAPS certification, now might be the best time for you to get started. You can reach out to me directly at or at to get started on your VAPS journey.


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