Comprehensive Guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Module

Posted by Jake Hostetler on Apr 21, 2016 9:08:53 PM

Production can be complex, especially in today’s fast paced marketplaces. But with the aid of technology and enterprise resource planning tools like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, producers as well as consumers can benefit.

Using Peik Bech-Andersen’s book, Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, manufacturers using Dynamics NAV have direct access to a user guide which helps them swiftly maneuver through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing module. This book highlights best practices and shows how NAV can help increase your overall agility. Initially, the book was written for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, but meanwhile there is an updated whitepaper dealing with some NAV 2015-specifics. This blog post gives you a brief overview of how Peik solves today´s challenges in manufacturing with Dynamics NAV.

Increased agility in NAV Manufacturing

There are four main points Peik Bech-Andersen summarizes that show how NAV delivers increased agility. They are highlighted through the detailed examples in his book.

1) Integration

This means real-time transmission of data within your enterprise resource planning system. There is no excuse for information in today’s workplace not being delivered in real-time. Business systems should reflect this ability to harmonize with the heartbeat of the firm. A short excerpt from Peik Bech-Andersens’s book reads, “Users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV always have fast access to the latest information – anywhere in the program – because it is integrated once and is always up-to-date, accurate and accessible to users.”

2) Simplicity

There is often the common confusion that more complexity is better. This is not true. The intuitive nature of NAV’s graphical user interface (GUI) combined with a user role-centric design creates complete visibility via a simple user experience. From granular to broad information scopes you can gain transparency through your entire production process.

3) Flexibility

Throughout manufacturing and business today it is safe to say that adaption is the name of the game. A system without the ability to adapt with the business is of no consistent use. A further segment from Bech-Andersen’s book reiterates this point, “Microsoft Navision Manufacturing foundation gives you the flexibility to change methods and processes on the fly, accommodate changing workloads and requirements, and take hold of new projects with maximum efficiency.”

4) Openness

NAV is able to interface smoothly with other systems, as well as with networking solutions between multiple computers. This is the age where machines, as well as humans, are talking to each other. Dynamics NAV is open to integration through Microsoft Message Queue, text file import and export, and ODBC.

“To become an agile manufacturer, a company must recognize change in the marketplace and then manage and master that change.”

– Peik Bech-Andersen


Add-in for Visual Planning and Scheduling

To further reiterate this point of agile manufacturing we have introduced fully integrated visual scheduling capabilities into the already powerful Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturung module. Using our intuitive Visual Production Scheduler add-in for NAV your production schedule will be beautifully represented using powerful Gantt Chart technology. Our interactive add-in solutions let you make drag and drop changes throughout production, view and resolve real-time load capacities, customize and print real-time schedules showing your entire production all of which you can then save back into NAV. And the best part is that this will all happen within your standard NAV environment! 

Visual Production Scheduler


So I hope this short synopsis of Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV has helped you gain an understanding of the tremendous benefit this user guide will bring to your manufacturing in NAV. This blog post is based on a book which itself is based on over 40 years of NAV manufacturing experience. This book and author have bridged the gap between the timeless value of experience and cutting edge technology.

Now you can receive your own copy of Beck-Andersen's whitepaper, Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, along with a demo of our Visual Production Scheduler to show you how your production could immediately benefit!


Free download: Whitepaper Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing to 2015


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