Service Release of VARCHART XGantt 4.4

Posted by Martin Karlowitsch on Feb 4, 2013 6:48:00 PM

Service Release 4 of VARCHART XGantt 4.4 (.NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX Edition) has been uploaded on our website. The respective build number is 4.400.0.735.

VARCHART XGantt: list of enhancements

    • Layers that – due to their definition – were not allowed to move can now also not change their position when the whole node is moved. So moving the node will not produce a modification of the layer’s dates.

VARCHART XGantt: list of fixed bugs

    • New font styles (such as „light“) were not properly processed.
    • The row properties of a selected group were not set back when selecting a different group.
    • When run on Windows 8 the color picker on the property pages remained invisible.
    • A drag&drop action between two XGantt instances could produce error 2 or lead to an unexpected end of program.
    • Although the group option “modifications enabled” had been switched off, double-clicking on a group title triggered the event “VcGroupModified”.
    • Bars could be identified between the table and the diagram, i.e. beyond the Gantt graph limits.
    • When invoking VcGantt.IdentifyObject, an unexpected end of program could occur.
    • When invoking VcGantt.IdentifyObject after an OnObjectDrawEvent, the program could come to a halt.
    • Invoking VcPrinter.CombiningControlsEnabled could entail errors.
    • After adding a new dataset, drawing errors could occur in the print preview.
    • Restrictions in the start date of a layer were ignored when the layer was moved.
    • Tooltips of a size longer than 1.024 characters were clipped.
    • After a drag&drop action the errors 11 or 453 could occur, also an unexpected end of program.
    • Both in the top and bottom row of the layer annotation a character was missing.
    • When during a drag&drop action the mouse moved in and out of the target instance for a couple of times, error 152 could occur.
    • The node phantom ignored the value of „TimeUnitsPerStep“ when the duration of a node was extended.
    • When dragging the right end of a node, an unexpected end of program could occur.
    • The call VcTableFormatCollection. FormatByIndex() did not work properly.
    • Setting LinkAppearances to „invisible“ took too long.
    • Calendars were ignored by the “ScheduleProject” method.
    • When moving a node, the information window displayed wrong values.
    • When invoking VcGantt.SaveAsEx, links of composed node IDs were not stored properly.
    • Memory leaks occurred in tool tips programmed in C++.
    • When a node with a layer restriction was moved, the layer restriction was ignored.
    • When moving a layer that had a restriction, the layer acted in a wrong way.
    • When setting layer properties, performance problems could occur.
    • Modifying the time scale resolution could lead to error 351 Class 2200.
    • When at runtime a layer annotation was defined that would use a color map for the text color, error 174 could occur.
    • When printing several XGantt instances simultaneously, errors could occur.
    • The horizontal scrollbar of the diagram section was displayed erroneously, when the calendar was modified at runtime and the time scale had been set to “collapsed”.
    • After downsizing, time scale ribbons could display wrong values.

Topics: Windows Forms Gantt Control, Gantt Chart Controls