Enhance visual production planning in NAV by customizing tooltip and label information

Posted by Ute Gillet on Jul 16, 2019 6:59:33 PM

In the Visual Production Scheduler, our Gantt add-in for visual production scheduling, tasks, resources and capacities are displayed along a timeline, thus providing an optimum overview for planners. A visual plan always faces the dilemma of having to show all information needed for the planner to quickly recognize planning conflicts and intervene while on the other hand avoiding to show too much information to not jeopardize the clarity. This is where tooltip and bar label come in: Important data is only shown when needed and presented in an understandable way.

Grasping the importance of a meaningful tooltip and bar label, we implemented an enhancement in the last VPS release:  The standard NAV information can now be supplemented for each of the VPS objects (PO line, PO routing line, work center, machine center) by equipping up to five internal custom fields with data to use them in tooltip and bar label.

To do this, follow the instructions given in this blogpost. 

How to proceed

To use the five additional fields, only some C/AL code adjustments are needed.


Step #1

Open the C/AL code of the XMLport 5416000 NETRONIC VPS Export and adjust the assignments for the variables as described below. The necessary code lines are already present, but have to be activated:

  • POLCustomField         01 ... 05
  • PORLCustomField       01 ... 05
  • WCCustomField           01 ... 05
  • MCCustomField           01 ... 05



Step #2

In the codeunits 5416015 NETRONIC VPS Tooltip Mgt. and 5416016 NETRONIC VPS Label Mgt. you find the procedures Add*CustomFields for the variables having been defined before. In the procedures, you’ll find some demo code you can activate and adjust to your requirements.




Step #3

Save and compile all your modifications.


The newly defined fields are now available in the “Configure tooltip and label” menu in the VPS.



More information and further reading

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