A Year Of Major Releases: Kicking Off 2012

Posted by Martin Karlowitsch on Feb 1, 2012 5:47:00 PM
When I published my last blog post in the night before Christmas last year, I was expecting a certain pause for our blogging activities. However, I am surprised how the past five weeks have been flying. The good news is: in these five weeks, we may have paused blogging, but we did not stop our business ;-) The opposite is true: we spent relevant time preparing ourselves for our company-internal 2012 kickoff meeting, and now have all ingredients in place to make 2012 an exciting year – for you and also for us.

We can build this exciting new year on the foundation of a very strong 2011, in which we managed to meet our ambitious new business plan in terms of revenue and earnings growth. This financial success gave and continues to give us sufficient power to invest into our data visualization controls and products. As a result of this investment, 2012 will be a year of major releases for NETRONIC. Internally, we even were kidding that you will see a release firework from us this year.



Here is what you can expect:

We will release VARCHART JGantt 3.0 at CeBIT in March. The guiding principle for this release was to fundamentally renew the Java developers’ experience when either creating or enhancing interactive Java Gantt chart applications. VARCHART JGantt 3.0 will come with a complete new property editor that will provide developers with a much more intuitive access to the control’s API. This will translate into an acceleration of development time, and hence into a faster time-to-market.

In addition to this, we will also release a Gantt chart solution for the role-tailored client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This solution will consist of a RTC-specific code unit and page, a RTC-specific dll of our VARCHART XGantt, and best practices. It enables customers and partners of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to add interactive Gantt charts to any NAV module. With these Gantt charts, they can read data from Dynamics NAV, change the data visually, and write the changed data back. This all will work and integrate seamlessly.

However, we will not only release a new product and a new solution at CeBIT. We will also give customers, partners and prospects the chance to have a deep look into our development work in progress.

You will be able to get a first glance into a project that we call Lighthouse. The purpose of this project is to develop a Gantt chart control for Silverlight developers, which combines the graphical power of Silverlight with NETRONIC’s in-depth experience with building advanced Gantt chart controls. We will release the fully-fledged Silverlight Gantt control in Q3 this year, but will show a first prototype at CeBIT.

Last but not least, we will also reveal what we have been developing within the Picasso project. The purpose here is to develop a powerful framework, which allows software developers to rapidly create interactive graphical planning applications within WPF. This framework does apply the MVVM development pattern, and we will add a relevant amount of new classes to the general WPF framework, which mainly are tailored towards the needs of time-centric applications like Gantt charts. With this, we will enable customers, partners and our own development team to rapidly create enhanced lookless time-centric controls and applications. We will release this specific WPF framework also in Q3 this year, and will bring some first application prototypes with us to CeBIT.

Are you curious? Want to see all of this in March? Want to meet at CeBIT? Then please drop me a note and I will get back to you asap.

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