Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript for Dynamics NAV: New Features

Posted by Kerstin Sieckmann on Mar 7, 2017 12:11:44 PM

With the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS), a planner working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV gains additional control of the completion of manufacturing orders and the capacity load of the resources. The data from the NAV manufacturing module get visualized in a planning table with different views thus providing the planner with an instrument for manually adjusting and finetuning the schedule in a very agile way. The new functions of the VPS JavaScript for all Microsoft Dynamics Clients (Windows, Web and Tablet) let the planner customize the overview according to his wishes at any time.

The new configuration options of the Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition in detail:

  • You select the information to be displayed in the tooltip texts, no matter where they are to appear (operation, work center, resource, etc....).

Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition:Customize Tooltip


Visual Production Scheduler JS Edition:Customize Tooltip

  • You define the bar labels – based on the data stored in NAV.
VPS JS for Dynamics NAV: Define bar labels VPS JS for Dynamics NAV: Customize bar labels

Moreover, the VPS JS was enhanced by different context menus that further strengthen the planning's agility:

  • You sort orders, work centers, due dates, etc. in ascending or descending order, depending on whether you want to find orders faster, e.g., or have to keep an eye on due dates.
    Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition Sorting Function
    Note: the configuration of the tooltip text can´t  be done in the NAV web client, but only in the Windows Client.

  • You focus on certain operations and look at them from the order or capacity view perspective by switching views seamlessly
    Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition: Switch View Seamlessly

  • If you have production order lines with many operations you use semi-automatic scheduling as support and specify whether, when an operation is moved, its succeeding or preceeding operations are moved as well. 
    Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition: Semi Automatic Scheduling


This video briefly introduces the new functions of the  Visual Production Scheduler JavaScript Edition.

As of now, the new version can be downloaded from our partner portal.

Those of you who are not yet familiar with visual planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing should watch this introduction video. It shows the Visual Production Scheduler .NET Edition in action, which has nearly the same functionaliy as the JavaScript Edition.

For more than 20 years, NETRONIC has been engaging in the development of intelligent graphical planning boards, and – among others - provides Gantt add-ins for production, service, and jobs that are specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Not familiar with our visual scheduling add-ins for Dynamics NAV? Watch the introductory webcast.


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