VARCHART JGantt 3.0 Service Release 7

Posted by Martin Karlowitsch on Mar 21, 2013 9:12:00 PM

A new Service Release of VARCHART JGantt 3.0 is available on our website. Users, who created an account on our site, can download it here. If you do yet have an account, you can register here.

VARCHART JGantt List of enhancements

    • Each time scale section may now have a color scheme and a font of its own (see screenshot below)
    • If the line color of a horizontal grid line was set to be a dynamic color, to each group an individual grouping line can be assigned that allows for a color, a line thickness or a line type of its own.
    • The new property DrawingPriorityComparator allows to define the drawing sequence of the nodes of a group row if their group layout is of the type GROUP_ROWLAYOUT_SINGLE

VARCHART JGantt List of bug fixes

    • Several errors could occur with the event OnPhantomModify that is triggered in drag&drop actions.
    • Problems were eliminated that could occur during scrolling on the Java Runtime Engine 1.7.

For more information, please visit our VARCHART JGantt site.

VARCHART JGantt 3.0 Service Release 7

Topics: Java Gantt Control, Gantt Chart Controls