Our latest step to personalizing your Visual Scheduler

Posted by Paulina Soto on Feb 15, 2021 2:45:00 PM




Which type of information is important to you when scheduling? The item numbers? Is it the customer? Is it the quantity to produce? Or the process the order will go through? Is it the color of the item?

Some weeks ago, we realized that everyone searches for different information when looking at the schedule, this depending on the task they will perform afterwards. Hence, we decided to give our customers the possibility to choose what to see at first glance.

All this information I listed in the first question can be found within the production order, but we wanted to make it easier to find. This means you can customize the tooltips and the labels. And most importantly you can order it and decide what to leave out as you please.

personalize tooltip and labels

What is a tooltip?

The tooltips are floating text boxes that provides further information on several items of your schedule, such as the production order, production order routing line, job, job planning line, job tasks, work centers, machine centers, resources, to mention a few. These details come directly from Business Central, therefore are, as everything else in the scheduler, always accurate. You can find them in all views of the scheduler. This means that regardless of the context you only got to see the information which you deem useful.

By default, we created a tooltip to take note of the information we believed you would need to refer to the most. However, the possibilities are near to endless. You can change the information you want to see in relation to the view and context you are in. Example:

resource tooltip   job planning line tooltip


What is a bar label?

This is the text appearing on bars, such as the operations in the production order view or in the capacity view in the VPS, as well as the jobs, job planning lines in the job view or in the resource view.


job linejob label


How to customize the tooltip and label?

For both options you start with Actions > Configuration > Tooltip or Label

From there you can select the fields coming from Business Central. You can order them and format them with a line break, a space, or a vertical slash.

You can even decide to show no tooltips at all. Or the other way around, you could display all available fields as the tooltip. But we would not recommend this.

Depending on your needs and your screen resolution we would suggest no more than 12 items to be selected, otherwise the tooltip could cover a big part of the screen making harder to move around.

The tooltip will always remind us in which job or production Order level we are with the bold header. Or in other words, if the bar you are hovering on is a job, job planning line or a job task, or a production order, production order line or a production order routing line, lastly it will also highlight whether you’re looking a work center group, work center or machine center.


work center group - tooltip > work center - tooltip > machine center - tooltip


What is next?

We try our best to offer a scheduler that works intuitively but also lets you personalize with easy set ups. You can read more on how to personalize your Visual Scheduler here: Baby steps to personalizing your visual scheduler.

Or watch a webinar where we described other set ups:


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