More Than Just a Gantt Chart Component

Posted by Martin Karlowitsch on Nov 26, 2012 4:01:00 PM
Sometimes it is amazing, how a few words can tell more than extensive Marketing material about our Gantt chart components. Such an incident happened last Friday to me.

Of course, we always stress one fact. This is, we believe that our work does not stop with delivering a powerful Gantt chart component. Our aim is that our customers quickly achieve the results they need to deliver graphical value to their clients. In other words: we take care for our customers providing the appropriate visualization of their planning and scheduling data. Hence, we put much emphasis into having an open, accessible and strong support team. It was last week Friday, when three customer emails (virtually within one hour) endorsed this approach:
“I would like to inform you that the application already is productive for almost two weeks. Until today, everything works perfectly and to the full satisfaction of our client. You should also know that I am more than satisfied with the support in this project provided by your employee. He was highly committed to the project. Also, he was always available for me and has solved the typical initial issues quickly and unbureaucratically."

"Your suggested solution works perfectly. Receiving an answer including the solution from a software component company within less than 24 hour characterizes NETRONIC.”

“I would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation. We have achieved much in that little while. Our client is very impressed with this performance."

Well, one of our core paradigms is "our knowledge belongs to our customers". Or can you imagine any other company in the world that has more than 30 years of profound experience in development powerful Gantt chart software?

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