New release of VAPS for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Posted by Ute Gillet on Mar 23, 2022 5:29:42 PM

After our major release of the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler in December 2021, we are already back with a new one. We used this version to clean up a lot of things internally, and also fixed a lot of bugs as you can see from the release notes

Hence, for us, this release was a minor release, indicated by the number Nevertheless, we decided to ship the enhancement of two existing features which both play a significant role in production scheduling. These features are EMAD (earliest material availability date) and fill idle times.

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#1 EMAD (Earliest Material Availability Date)

We not only considerably improved the EMAD calculation's performance but also added new functionality to the feature.

Now, you can decide whether the EMAD will be considered when the "Apply routing" function is carried out. This can be activated in the VAPS setup (somewhat hidden under the "consider EMAD when adding all" option):

VAPS activate consider EMAD add all

If the option is ticked, all affected operations are placed at the maximum of work date, EMAD, and predecessor links. In the example below the operation in question is number 20, being moved. The grey area shows the EMAD, the brown line represents the work date and the link to the predecessor (operation 10) must not be violated. The maximum from these three points in time here is the EMAD, meaning that when "Apply routing" is carried out, operation 20 would be moved to the beginning of the week. 


VAPS consider EMAD example


#2 Fill idle times

This feature was also considerably streamlined so that it now provides a better performance and achieves better results.

Here is how it worked before:

VAPS fill idle times before

Now the result looks like this:

VAPS fill idle times after overhauling

As always, the complete release information (including a detailed description of all fixed bugs) can be found in the Release Notes.


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