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New Build of VARCHART XGantt 4.4


Posted by Martin Karlowitsch on Feb 22, 2012 10:57:23 PM

A  new build (no 4.400.0.445) of  VARCHART XGantt has been put on the NETRONIC website for download.

List of fixed bugs:

  • Expanding groups by API calls did not work if all groups of the diagram had been collapsed before.

  • In the ASP.NET edition, tool tip texts sometimes were positioned in a wrong way.

  • The events VcTableColumnWidthChanging  and VcTableColumnWidth¬Changed were missing in the ASP.NET edition.

  • Horizontal grid lines were missing in hierarchies if at runtime an ActiveNodeFilter had been set and the hierarchy was switched off.

  • Modifying properties by calls of the API in table format fields of the table format Subtitle did not work.

  • Scheduling occurred to be deficient if a time zone was not adapted to daylight saving time.

  • The information window appearing when creating a node would display a wrong date.

  • Times in the AM/PM time format could not be edited.

  • Modifying grouping properties in some cases did not work.

  • Error No. 152 occurred on drag&drop actions between two instances.

  • The visibility of links did not work properly.


  • Error No. 381 occurred when nodes were dropped on the time scale or on the table.

  • The phantom of the splitter line appeared too long.

  • Moving several nodes by drag&drop actions did not work when the <Ctrl> key was pressed and nodes were selected by mouse.

  • When visible links were switched between optimized and overlaid, performance problems could occur.

  • An initialization error could occur when VARCHART XGantt was used with Microsoft Access 2010.

  • The 3D effect in some cases worked with the layer shape „rectangle“ only, but not or merely erroneously with other shapes.

  • Line grids in histograms could not be switched on at design time.

  • Performance problems could occur when the width of table columns was modified.

  • The event OnStatusLineText did not work with extended data structure, the text value remaining empty.

  • In drag&drop actions the bar could happen to drop to a different place or in a different group.


  • When downsizing table columns the diagram could become inconsistent.

  • Graphical elements sometimes left traces when scrolling the screen.

  • In hierarchies nodes could lose their selection marks.

  • When the .NET and ASP.NET editions were run on Windows 7, the comment line of the DLL properties was missing.

  • Links could appear or disappear when data was loaded or reset (reloadconfiguration). Repeated reloads could lead to an unexpected end of program.

  • Error No. 522 could occur when in the time zone Brasilia time was adapted to DST.

  • In table formats wrong colors could occur in color gradients.

  • In some cases, nodes could be moved although they were not supposed to.

  • Positioning the time scale at the bottom of the diagram was incompatible with the „histogram only“ setting.

  • The number of table columns could not be retrieved at runtime.

List of enhancements:

  •  Fill patterns in numeric scales of histograms were extended by color gradients.


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